New Talent Acquisition Function

The owners of a leading technology firm engaged me to launch a brand new talent acquisition function so they could expand past their initial wave of employees.
I worked with them to establish a strong employer brand and compelling value proposition, launch an attractive career site, and build out all content and messaging related to the effort. In addition, we set up a brand new approach to identifying, screening, interviewing, and assessing candidates based on fit across values, culture, performance and skills/performance required to succeed in each role. We also implemented a whole new recruiting program, complete with all new interview processes and scorecards and all the necessary recruiting technologies, stages and workflows, and recruitment/hiring templates and document kits to improve their ability to attract, identify, engage, hire, and onboard the right people. Their new talent acquisition / recruiting program was up and running within a few weeks, allowing them to quickly begin to recruit candidates and hire new team members. After everything was set up, I jumped in to help source/recruit candidates and hire/onboard new employees. Since then, I’ve been brought back in to serve as their outsourced head of talent acquisition.

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