New Venture Development

In 2017 I launched TalentSum to help talent leaders and CEOs lead the shift to modern talent acquisition.
After running a few consultancies of my own, and having worked with dozens of CEOs build their own businesses, I saw the need for a more strategic approach to Talent Acquisition (TA) and Recruiting. The entrepreneur in me kicked in (for better or worse yet again) and decided I would try to come up with a turnkey product to launch and sell. In the end, after doing a ton of research and having completed more than 35 interviews with heads of talent, I thought it made more sense to launch as a consultancy. I figured this would give me the opportunity to continue to focus on solving hard problems in talent acquisition and recruiting and organically uncover the right product idea. I have some ideas on what might work but nothing that has made me act (yet). I guess I'm still not convinced that I've found the right business idea. You can visit my TalentSum consultancy at

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